Sunday, April 25, 2010

bacon wrapped asparagus


m. has been encouraging me to photograph my food for as long as i've known her - nearly 5 years now. lately i'm two bites into dinner when i remember that i want to take a picture. after seeing what our new camera can do tonight, i've decided: a food blog for me, soon.

as you can see, tonight i made grilled bacon wrapped asparagus and shiitake mushrooms with rice. i bumped up the rice by adding some of the bacon fat to the cooking water.

this was a dinner specified by the boy himself - well kind of. he asked for asparagus, rice and bacon.

he was holding two spears in his hands - one long, with the tip and one short, bitten off sharply. he said, bouncing the longer spear, "I am the father. Phoenix hasn't bitten me yet."

to which the little spear replied, "I'm the little brother."

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