Saturday, August 29, 2009

naptime birdsong

"You're my AAAnGHELL"

"You're Myyy AAnGGELLL"

today I got the lullaby.

today I got the cuddles.


it's been two weeks since i weaned him.
two weeks of inventions and new routines.

now, there is "Cuddlespot"
now, there is "Sheriff Night Light"*
now, there is a boy who sometimes refers to me as "Elissa" and "a lady"**

today, a boy who cuddled and hugged me where he used to headbutt and kick me.
today, a boy who sang me a song in which i was his angel.

*(i know you're just dying to see a photo of Sheriff Night Light. someday i will take a photograph and post it and you will sigh with contentment.)

**i have been encouraging him to say "Woman".

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