Monday, July 13, 2009

out of his nose and into my hand


His new thing is stuffing food up his nose. Fun.
We were at TJ's the other day buying stuffstealing free coffee, and he told me "ALMOND! NOSE! UP THERE!"
My response was "Dude, you're kidding me right?"
I eventually relented enough to investigate.
We became a team and co-blew his nose for a few minutes, but that sucker wasn't budging.
He seemed fine, so I quickly finished our shopping and got on line to pay.
Once on line, I tried again and we blew and blew. I could see the head!
Just as the checker waved the paddle, and called "NEXT!", he shot that almond into my palm.


  1. Well the apple doesn't fall far my friend. I remember coming home for lunch(like 2nd grade) and you were trying to impress me by putting beans up you nose!

  2. i was always trying to impress you!
    i also remember sticking beans up my nose at the dinner table at your house.